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I visited Silver City located in York dale mall on March 20th at 4:fpm to watch a movie with my husband, like we always do every Tuesday. I have a very specific died, I am allergic to gluten and other foods and am unable to purchase the food sold at the movie theater.

I was trying to bring outside food into the theater and I was told that I would not be able to enter. I spoke to the manager and told him my situation and I stressed that I am unable to eat the food that they sell and he preceded to tell me that its unfair, yes he knows, but I can't enter with the food and that's all. I was discriminated against because I am different then the other movie goers. I was made to feel less worthy of participating in the activities that the rest of the patrons of Silver city get to enjoy.

Due to the difficulties I have digesting the food at Silver City movie theaters I had to choose between eating or watching a movie, a choice that the other people who go watch movies are not forced to make. I am made to sit in a movie theater full of smells from all the food that is being eaten around me and I can not participate because of an unfair rule, a rule that even a manager of this multi national company agreed to as being unfair.

To top it all off this all occurred in line with people looking at me, I was so embarrassed. I did not need and audience there to judge me, that made feel so uncomfortable.

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Silver City never got to me, didn't answer my e-mail or give me a call. I haven't been back to see a movie since!

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